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I will work to lend new ideas and a focused approach for our district in Springfield. We need to focus on building up our communities, producing new businesses and jobs while providing a living wage for families. I will support the lower and middle class, working families with a better tax structure and a better opportunity for jobs! None of these are done without the foundation of a good education! I will fight for better funding for our schools, K-12 through the college level, and trade schools! I will also support and fight for better healthcare initiatives that reduce costs for medications and medical visits by fighting the insurance management companies that control too much! It goes without saying that agriculture is one of the foundations of West Central Illinois and my support for and understanding the challenges of our farmers is never far from my focus.

​We have a remarkable opportunity to change the course of our district and make the needed changes in Springfield!


Addressing funding and support for the schools, both K-12 and post-high school,  in our district is a top priority. We no longer can stand by and allow those in Springfield to over-look schools in rural Illinois. There needs to be a focus on nurturing the minds of our youth and supporting our educators while giving them a reason to stay in Illinois to continue or start their careers and raise their families!

Funding for rural schools, trade schools, and higher education schools has gone overlooked in our district for too long. I want to change that! Our schools and children deserve all of the same opportunities and funding that larger cities are given. 

The time to invest in our future is now!


Working in the healthcare industry I understand first hand what the large corporations and insurance companies are doing to our citizens. Increased co-pays and insurance premiums are digging into the pockets of the hard-working people and causing increased medical debt as well as financially forcing individuals to make a choice between their health or their pocketbook!

We need to stop the current trend of allowing lobbying bodies to dictate and entice our state leaders to make decisions based on personal gain rather than in the best interests of our citizens.

The fees that are allowed to be assessed on pharmacies, rural health clinics, and the people that need medical care are growing astronomically year over year and in turn, are forcing the small independently owned businesses to collapse and good people to go into monumental debt!

Economic Development/
Job Creation

As committee chair for Rushville's Economic Development Committee, member of the Grow Rushville Coordinating Council, an honorary member of the Rushville Chamber of Commerce Board, and a local business person; I understand what it takes to build up a small community and drive growth and prosperity. I will fight to give new entrepreneurs and established business owners more opportunities to provide a service to their community without fear of losing their business because of poor government structure or adequate support.

Springfield needs to do a better job at providing incentives to new businesses and new graduates to keep talented individuals in Illinois and not allow other states to poach our current and next generation! We need to fight for a livable wage without hurting small businesses and provide a tax structure for residents and businesses that make sense. I will not look to raise taxes on the middle class. I will support a higher tax bracket for the wealthy. we are all in this together and everyone will need to do their part for a bright future!

A Balanced Budget

A fair and balanced budget is not a bargaining point but a requirement so our state can move forward and get back to allowing our residents to have confidence in how and where their tax dollars are being used! I am a firm believer in transparency and I feel, as a taxpayer, you should know where your money is going! As a business owner, I need to have a budget in place to operate efficiently and the state of Illinois should work the same way. It is inexcusable to let years pass with no budget in place! Springfield needs to get back to working together for the common good of the people! I will fight every day in Springfield to make sure that happens!


I am not in favor of raising taxes on the middle class. We all must do our fair share and that includes the wealthy!


Tax breaks should come to the small businesses, the mom & pop shops, and entrepreneurs that are in our communities and struggling to keep their doors open, not the major corporations.